May 22, 2024
Master KG 2024: Net Worth, Cars, House, Wife, Age & Songs

Master KG 2024: Net Worth, Cars, House, Wife, Age & Songs

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Master KG Biography


Popularly known as Master KG, South African DJ, musician and record producer was born Kgaogelo Moagi. He is also known as the pioneer of popular South African dance called “Bolobedu.”

Though he released his debut single, “Situation,” in 2016, his break came two years later with the release of his hit track, “Skeleton Move” featuring Zanda Zakuza. Then another titled, “Jerusalema,” launched him on the global scene with the song trending all over the world.

More about him

South Africa artist Kgaogelo Moagi, popularly known as Master KG, is also a  South African DJ, singer, and producer. He is known internationally for Jerusalema and within South Africa as the pioneer of the “Bolobedu” dance. Artist’s Background Master KG was born and raised in Tzaneen, Limpopo, South Africa. 

Early Life and Education

Master KG, born on January 31, 1996, hails from Tzaneen in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Growing up in this vibrant region, he was notably influenced by his uncle, who gifted him a computer. This gift became a catalyst for Master KG’s early foray into music, as he began crafting beats on the computer from the tender age of thirteen. Discovered that even in his youth, Master KG exhibited a strong passion for music. In a bid to dedicate more time to his budding musical pursuits, he occasionally faked illness to avoid going to school, choosing instead to stay home and immerse himself in the creative process of producing beats.

Master KG’s educational journey took place entirely in Tzaneen, South Africa, where he both started and completed his primary and secondary school education. In 2015, he graduated from Calais Secondary School in Maruleng Rural, Limpopo, marking the completion of his formal education.

This early exposure to music and the relentless pursuit of his passion laid the foundation for Master KG’s remarkable career in the music industry, where he has become a celebrated figure both in South Africa and on the global stage.

FAMILY AND BEGINNING noted that the 24 years old artiste is from Calais Village, Tzaneen, Limpopo, a part of South Africa, where he grew up and started developing his musical talent. He started forming beats at the early age of 13, using his late uncle’s computer to support his talent. After some time practising and perfecting his beat-making, he then linked up with DJ Maebela, who joined him, and they started experimenting with the software and made sure to perfect the art of beat making.

Master KG’s passion for music came at a very young age, and he even faked sickness at times growing up so he could stay in bed and make beats which he loves to do. This passion has really helped his music career, as he can make top-notch beats without stress now.

Music Careers discover that Master KG came into the limelight after the release of his album “Skeleton Moves”, which had songs like “Skeleton Moves” and “Waya Waya” on it. Although he originally popped up in the industry in 2016, with his already perfected song composition and beat producing skills. He later got his major signing by Open Mic productions, where the management advised him to concentrate on his studies to be much more marketable. believes that he had already become popular for inventing the “Bolobedu dance”. Later on, the music brand helped him launch his debut album “Skeleton Move”, which later earned him numerous nominations, also topping many charts in the Country.

Master KG’s debut album also had hit songs like “Waya Waya” and “Black Drum”. The release of his first album made him a more recognizable artiste, and his production skills were well ascertained, which made him become a household name all over South Africa. He then released another album in 2020, which also became a total hit and has taken over the music scene.


Skeleton Move (2018)

The album served as Master KG’s debut album. The album had 10 songs featuring top South African artists, Like Team Mosha and Zanda Zakusa. This album brought him into the major light of the music scene. noted that his album went on to win him major nominations and show performances in and Outside South Africa. Notable songs in this album are Skeleton move, Waya Waya, Black Drum, Situation, Jesu Wa Makatsa,Tshwarelela Pelo Yaka, Ngifuna Wena, Wa Nlebala, Famba Na Wena and Ntlo Ea Swa. 

Jerusalema (2020)

This is his second studio album which he debuted at the beginning of 2020. The album consists of 10 songs featuring top South African artists and is already making waves in the music scene for the top songs. One of the notable songs that have taken over the South African club and party scene is “Jerusalema”, featuring Nomcebo. Other songs include Party featuring Makhazi and Lebo Simons, Di Boya Limpopo featuring Zanda Zakusa and Makhadzi, Lengoma, Hot Shoes, Qinisela, Superstar, Love You As You Are, Tshikwama featuring Makhadzi, and Ngwanaka featuring Master KG – Skeleton Move [Feat. Zanda Zakuza] (Official Music Video)


Master Kg has released up to 20 songs and 2 albums in the last 2 years. Here are some of the hit songs ranked by the number of streams across all music and video platforms.

1. Master KG – Skeleton Move [Ft. Zanda Zakuza]


2. Master KG – Waya Waya Featuring Team Mosha



3. Master KG – Black Drum


Master KG – Black Drum (Official Audio)

4. Master KG – Jerusalema Featuring Nomcebo


Master KG – Jerusalema [Feat. Nomcebo] (Official Music Video)

5. Master KG – Situation



6. Master KG – Ngifuna Wena


Master KG – Ngifuna Wena [Feat. Bongo Beats & Soul] (Official Audio)

7. Master KG – Famba Na Wena


Master KG – Famba Na Wena (Official Audio)

8. Master KG – Jesu Wa Makatsha Featuring Flora


Master KG & Flora Ritshuri-Jesu Wa Makatsa ft. Zanda Zakuza (Official Music Video)

9. Master KG – Di Boya Limpopo



10. Master KG – Superstar


Master KG – Superstar [Feat. Mr Brown] (Official Music Audio)


Master KG, since his debut, has been called for several stage performances both in and outside South Africa. He has performed at Hollywood City Nightclub and other notable clubs both in and outside the country. He also performed at the SABC awards and on South African Idols as a guest performer. He has also performed at major South African festivals.

Master KG has been paired with top artists like Uhuru and DJ Maphorisa. He has done awesomely well by sharing the stage with some of these top artists.


Master KG has not really been public about his relationship life. Still, he was rumoured to be in a relationship with the beautiful musician, Makhadzi, due to some affectionate stunts they had pulled in the past. The artiste had once posted a picture of him and Makhadzi vacationing together, which had later fueled the rumour of their dating. However, after a while, both artists later went on their social media pages and interviews to confirm that they are indeed a couple.


Master KG and Makhadzi broke up in 2020, and Makhadzi confirmed it on her social media page when asked by a fan. He is now single as the Jerusalema singer has not been seen or linked with any lady recently


Following his debut album in 2018, Master KG won

  • AFRIMA’s Best Artiste
  • Duo Or Group In African Electro
  • SABC Summer Song’s Song of The Year
  • Limpopo Music Awards’ Best Dance Song in 2018.
  • Jerusalema also helped him win the African Musik Magazine Awards’
  • Best Male Artist Southern Africa
  • NRJ Music Awards’ International song of the year
  • African Entertainment Awards USA’s Song of the Year
  • MTV Europe Music Awards’ Best African Act
  • Best Male Southern Africa
  • Best Collaboration
  • Artist of the Year

Song of The Year in 2020. He also won the

  • Vodafone Ghana Music Awards’ African Artist of the Year
  • SAMA 27’s International Achievement Award and SAMRO Composer highest Airplay
  • VN Awards’ Male Artist of the Year
  • Global Music Awards Africa’s Record of The Year. 

A list of their popular tracks 

  1. Skeleton Move featuring Zanda Zakuza(2018) 
  2. Qinisela featuring Indlovukazi (2019) 
  3. Jerusalema (2019) 
  4. Sofa Silahlane featuring Nkosazana Daughter (2022)


Record Labels associated with Master KG – past and current.

  • Parlophone Records Ltd
  • Warner Classics
  • Elektra France
  • Open Mic Productions

Master KG Cars


It’s common knowledge that fame comes along with all things nice. Let’s check out the cars music star Master KG has.




The ‘Jerusalema’ singer bought this car to celebrate when the song hit over 100 million views in 2020.

The Ferrari FF is a grand touring car. FF stands for Ferrari Four, with the “Four” signifying four seats and the first application of four-wheel drive in the company’s long history.

The FF does zero to 60 mph in less than 3.7 seconds and reaches a top speed of 208 mph, according to Ferrari. 

The FF’s four seats come in the form of snug sport buckets that are bisected by a tall console that runs the length of the cabin. The seats incorporate magnesium, one of many expensive materials employed to minimise weight. Virtually every surface is covered in leather. The FF incorporates more controls on the face of its steering wheel than almost any car, including major performance adjustments for the chassis and drivetrain, along with wiper controls, turn signals and engine start.

The cars cost over $300,000.