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Makhadzi Biography, Songs, Albums, Age, House, Net Worth

Makhadzi Biography, Songs, Albums, Age, House, Net Worth

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Ndivhudzannyif Ralivhona, was born on the 30th of June, 1996, into the town  of Ha-Mashamba Tshivhangani, just outside Elim in Limpopo province. Having grown up in a musically inclined family since childhood, which provided her with an early introduction to music. This upbringing played a significant role in success of her career.

She grew up in a poor family of unemployed parents. says she and two of her siblings lived together with their mother after their parents got divorced. She was moved determined to become a better person for her younger ones as she is the eldest of them all. They lived and we’re cared for by their grandmother as well, who didn’t make herself  exempted in taking responsibility of her grandchildren in her very possible way best.

She’s made her way into meeting music artists like Lebo Mathosa and Brenda Fassie. And she checked her diva-like character by attending this year’s Phalaphala FM Royal Heritage Festival in a royal chair lifted by security guards.

At the age of 12, Makhadzi took her dancing skills seriously in 2010. She joined the Makirikiri Musical Group to improve on her dancing skills professionally. She, later on, began to develop a passion for singing.

One day, she made a great move that happens to be a catalyst catapulting her to the level she is now of which she never in her wildest dream ever thought of. She went into the studio to record herself while singing. The recording manager in charge of the studio saw the talent in her and believed she could do an even more greater deal if given the opportunity. He gave her an opportunity to practice and express herself in his studio.


She attended Mukula Integrated School for her High school Education and Obtained a qualification in Public Relations and started studying Drama. She is also am actress.


Makhadzi’s journey into music began at a very tender age. She started singing and dancing in local church choirs and cultural groups, while her talents quickly became noticed. Her unique voice and captivating stage poisure really spoke well of how far she’d go in music. As a teenager, she made known her decision to pursue her music career, a choice that will ultimately lead to her success.

Makhadzi started Music as far back as 2009, although, she got her big break in the mid 2010s. We will touch on her Albums, Achievements, and Recognitions, to save your reading time. Before getting a record label deal, Makhadzi Released a couple of studio Albums independently, which includes; Muvhango (2009), Ndo Tshinya Ni? (2011), Litshani U Ntsala Murahu (2012) and for more updates.


Got a Record Label deal with Rita Dee Entertainment 2015.

Released a couple of Projects such as her Albums under Rita Dee Entertainment

Muhwalo Uya Ndemela (2015).

Yo Shoma (2017), Shumela Venda (2017) Under Rita Dee Entertainment

Makhadzi’s song, “Matorokisi” which was a track off her Album of the same name instantly became a booming hit at it’s Release, Making her gain more popularity and fame in the music industry, show casing her Venda Origin and Elements.

Left Rita Dee Entertainment soon after the expiration of her deal

Got signed into Open Mic Productions.

Released the following Projects under the open Mic Projections; Kokovha (Album) (2020), the hit singles, Mjolo, Ghanama, an Album, African Queen (2021), Pain Ya Jealous (2022), African Queen 2.0 (Album) (2022) and many more notable projects.

Left Open Mic Productions in 2023 and formed her own independent Record Label, Makhadzi Entertainment.

So far since her career, she has worked with Big Names in the South African Music industry such as Master KG, Blaq Diamond, Cass29per Nyovest, Sho Madjozi, Penny Penny, Big Zulu and many others.



– Ndo Tshinya 2011

– Litshani U Ntsala Murahu 2012

– Shumela Venda 2019

– Matorokisi 2019

– Kokovha 2020

– African Queen 2021

– Pain Ya Jealous EP 2022

– African Queen 2.0 2022

– Mbofholowo 2023

– Muhwalo Uya Ndemela amongst many others.

In 2015, Makhadzi got herself a major record deal when she signed with Rita Dee Entertainment. At a point she began to fade out the youthful look branding that got her really popular b. As has it that as the youngest artist in the Limpopo area she released her first album. With her new record label, she rebranded herself as a more upgrades music artist. While she was already in grade 12 in 2015, she dropped another album, Muhwalo Uya Ndemela, with the new brand image. Muhwalo Uya Ndemela got selected for SATMA in 2015.


Makhadzi has never made public her relationships status, but she is not married although in 2020 she broke up her boyfriend Mastet KG till date we don’t know her marital status


Makhadzi was once in a relationship with Master KG. According to they shared a lot of intimate pictures and videos on social media.
She was recently linked with Master KG for some reasons best known to herself.

Master KG  came out at a time to confirm the claim that he is in a relationship with Makhadzi in an interview.
They later broke up in 2020. Makhadzi confirmed on social media when a fan asked her. However, in 2022 they amended their differences and started where they left as partners. They have released songs together since then.


Makhadzi’s net worth is actually not public as the time being.  Although, based on what she has in her musical portfolio and future sale outlook, her performance on major streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and more, show bookings, properties and endorsementt estimated to be around $220,000 (3,253,783.00 South African Rand).


She has blessed stages of several major occasions, including the Royal Heritage Festival 2018. She was regarded as the greatest entertainer of the night, which got her showcased in Drum Magazine. She also played at the Absolute One Source Festival alongside with Sho Majozi.

She is practically a role model to upcoming and aspiring youth of Limpopo. Makhadzi swore to be successful and be educated at the same time. She believed with her muaic and the Almighty God, she has been able to work her way down to the path of success.

List of Makhadzi’s car collection

Mzansi star, Makhadzi is a multi-award-winning musician from Limpopo who officially launched her music career a few years ago but has achieved massive success in that short amount of time.
With millions of fans who love her music, a sizable net worth that is on the rise, and a fully-booked schedule, Makhadzi is reaping hard from her hard work and talent and we are proud of her.
Makhadzi is clearly a fan of sleek machines and thanks to her hard-earned money, she can afford to purchase them. Here is a look at Makhadzi’s cars, her house, and her latest news.

Makhadzi’s first car was a white Audi A1. She received the car from Audi Polokwane as a gift in 2018 after winning TSHIMA Female artist of the year.

Makhadzi Biography, Songs, Albums, Age, House, Net Worth

Unfortunately, Makhadzi was involved in a tragic car crash a month after getting her first car and although she escaped with her life, the car was deemed damaged beyond repair.
Audi A4

After her first car got destroyed in an accident, Makhadzi bought her second car- this time a beautiful Audi A4.
The Audi A4 is considered a luxury sedan and it combines high performance, advanced tech options and a comfortable interior to give the driver the ultimate driving experience.
Although Makhadzi did not reveal the amount of money she spent on her Audi but according to the current market prices, a new Audi A4 goes for around R 795 700.

Makhadzi Biography, Songs, Albums, Age, House, Net Worth
Mercedes Benz A-Class

Another one of Makhadzi’s cars is a sleek Mercedes Benz A-Class. She bought this beautiful machine in 2020.
She made the big purchase shortly after she parted ways with her former manager- Rita Dee Nephawe after Makhadzi accused her of not paying her royalties from her debut album- Matorokisi.
The Mercedes Benz A-Class is a highly rated small luxury sedan with a sleek exterior design and a refreshingly modern interior.

Makhadzi Biography, Songs, Albums, Age, House, Net Worth



No doubt, she has made a fortune from her career. After all, many have been wondering how the bubbly musician spends her million.

Makhadzi flaunts her new house. Images from her social media accounts Instagram@makhadzisa
The bubbly musician has spoiled herself with the world’s finest things, from designer clothes to lush mansions. We have connected the dots about her life of glitz and glamour that has often thrust her into top trends.


Makhadzi is not just a singer; she is a phenomenon. In her music, we hear the heartbeat of Limpopo, the rhythm of resilience, and the melody of a woman unafraid to chart her own course. As she continues to rise, Makhadzi is not just making music; she’s making history, leaving an indelible mark on the South African music landscape that will resonate for generations to come.

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